Our passion for wine has taken us from Napa Valley to the hills of Italy. Our photographs capture the sensations of wandering among the lush, green vines and savoring a glass with friends..


Fireside Wine

Orvieto Afternoon

Glass of the Spilled Wine

Little Purple Bunch

Sunlight Into Wine

Bold Red

Sun Ripened

How Green is My Valley

Sands of Time

Old Growth

Traditions: The Beginning

Rows of Vines

Top of the Spanish Steps

Tending the Vines

A Pressing Need

Sunlight on Casks


Wine Glasses

Through the Looking Glass

Blue Bunch


Sunshine Magic'

Barrels of Veritas

Blue and Gray

The Kiss

Wild Bunch


Wine Tsunami

Harbinger of Taste

Toast to Andy3

Toast to Andy4

Toast to Andy5

Toast to Andy1

Toast to Andy2

Toast to Andy6